Place looks amazing.  I almost shed a tear when I got home. - Michael B.

I love how the house is looking.  So much easier to keep everything in order. I am really so happy with what you accomplished. - Carol G.


I cannot thank Mary enough for her help and guidance on this project.  Every time I went in the garage to do laundry, I could feel my anxiety grow as I looked at the absolute mess of a space that got that way upon moving in (“I don’t know where it should go yet, put it in the garage!”)  Mary knows how to stick to the decision making to make it easier and faster to declutter and had great organizing tips.  THANK YOU MARY for giving me peace fo mind again and now I know where to find things again- Fran B.

Gah!  It looks. So. Good!  Even the kids are excited! – Lexi  H.

We downsized a few months ago to a house half the size - Mary helped me purge, donate and organized 30 years worth of memories - my smaller but newly renovated kitchen looks fabulous and is my favorite area - everything is so organized and In Good Order. - Sarah B.


Richmond, VA

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