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In Good Order personalizes organizational services to your needs and style.  For us, organizing isn't just containment.  We also help you make smart decisions about what serves you, set up practical and efficient systems, and incorporate your design style.

home organizing


Our process ensures you keep what you want, get rid of what you don't, and have beautiful and functional systems in place to keep your space (and mind) clear.  We can tackle any area or your entire home.

Moving or Renovating? We provide services to help your move (or reno) go smoothly from beginning to end.

organizational design services


Whether it's designing a custom closet or planning out where everything will live in your brand-new kitchen, we work with interior designers, builders, and renovators to ensure your space is as functional as it is beautiful.

virtual organizing


For those outside of our service area, on a budget, or who like to DIY, we offer virtual organizing.  You'll get a discovery call, a step-by-step plan including a drawing to help with placement, and product recommendations.


We understand that everyone is busy, has messes, and could use a little help.  Don't apologize.  We don't judge. 

We also understand that your home is your personal space.  We respect your privacy and work confidentially.

Because each of our clients and their spaces are different, we provide a personalized quote for each client.


After a free phone consultation to discuss your needs, we'll schedule an on-site consultation to discuss your goals in-depth. We'll provide a customized quote for your space and schedule our first session!


We will sort, declutter, map out storage, shop for product, and label.  We will involve you in as much or as little of the process as you like.  We will assist with donation and recycling options for the items you let go of.


We'll check in to ensure your systems are working for you, and give you specific, manageable tips on how to maintain your systems.  If life gets in the way, we can set up one-time or regular maintenance services.

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