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Most organizers have been organized since they were a kid. Not me. I was messy. I’d sort and group my piles, but had too much stuff. Not completely disorganized, but not taking the time to get things in good order.


In 2014, my Dad died unexpectedly. There were clothes, paperwork, tools, train horns, boat propellers, family heirlooms, dumpsters of stuff. We were stuck cleaning out my Dad’s life. It took us six months to dig out of everything.  It was hard and it didn’t leave us time to grieve.


That's when it hit me.


I'm not leaving a mess for someone else to deal with. And I don’t want my family to live in it now. I want my family to feel loved and happy in our home.  To spend time focusing on each other and the things we love to do. That's hard to do when we're living among more stuff than we can keep up with.


And that's what brought me here. To help you find happiness in your space – and not have to work around the stuff in it. To help you know that you're worth taking care of and that it’s okay to need help.  Your surroundings affect your mood, time and energy.  I’m here to help you make space for what you love.

What I make space for:

My boys


Game Night

Girls Night Out



Reach out to Mary via email at

In Good Order, Mary Davis
home organizer


Professional Organizers in Richmond, VA

Everyone could use some help.  We’ve all got responsibilities and priorities, and need some time for fun. Organizing isn’t often any of those things.  Our homes, our calendars, and our minds are filled with things that distract us from taking care of ourselves. The less time you spend on the things that don’t serve you – searching through, looking for, straightening up – the more time you have for the things that make you happy.


In Good Order transforms spaces by creating functional AND beautiful organizing solutions that help you lead a life you love. We personalize our services to your needs, and make the solutions an extension of your style.  We help you get rid of the things that leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired and give you space for what you love.

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