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We can say anything we want about ourselves. But, we think it means a whole lot more coming from some of our actual clients we've worked with through the years. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with In Good Order, LLC.


You taught me so much and I put it all in practice when we moved into a clear space.

- Emily

Virtual client in CA

Mary turned our playroom inside out and upside down. What a relief to purge and live free of clutter!

- Allison

Ashland, VA

I'm loving my decluttered office!! It makes me feel soooo good!!! Many thanks to you!

- Corrine

Henrico, VA

When organization is needed, and let’s be real, when is it not, be sure to call Mary Davis, owner of In Good Order, LLC. She will organize any space, no project too big or too small – right down to your sunglasses. I personally used her for my pantry, and even my elementary aged BOYS were excited and impressed! Gah! It looks. So. Good!

- Lexi

Midlothian, VA

We’ve used IGO for organizing our extensive Christmas ornament and decoration collection as well as a kitchen and dining room revamp. IGO prioritized items by relevance and use and completely reordered both spaces. Wonderful! Best use of our money in a very long time. Everything is just so, paired with like products and is very orderly. It’s a pleasure to cook and entertain with our new efficient system! Who knew? A real time saver! Highly recommended!

- Janet

Richmond, VA

Excellent service. Mary and her team took a completely disorganized house that my wife and I were unable to fully unpack and organize since returning from overseas five months ago and whipped it into shape. Get ready for some tough love though. She will advise you to purge wherever possible and she is right! I am sitting in a very well organized house right now and it is worth the money. If you are trapped in a disorganized dwelling, Mary can save you.

- Michael

Richmond, VA


Mary was so wonderful to work with!  She took into consideration our changing storage space needs and not only helped us while on site, but accommodated for future needs.  Because of her help, our storage area is more organized and efficient!   Everything is easy to locate, not only by staff familiar with the storage space, but by volunteers as well.  Thank you Mary for all your help!

- Dayna

Richmond, VA

I cannot thank Mary enough for her help and guidance on this project.  Every time I went in the garage to do laundry, I could feel my anxiety grow as I looked at the absolute mess of a space that got that way upon moving in (“I don’t know where it should go yet, put it in the garage!”)  Mary knows how to stick to the decision making to make it easier and faster to declutter and had great organizing tips.  THANK YOU MARY for giving me peace fo mind again and now I know where to find things again!

- Fran

Richmond, VA

Mary was amazing at helping sort my belongings, and teaching me the most efficient/effective storage methods for everything. Not only does everything fit into the smaller closets, but it looks crisp and organized! We are very pleased. She is not only helpful and great at her job, but very personable. I would recommend her services for anyone who wants to organize but doesn’t quite know where to start!

- Justine

Richmond, VA

We downsized a few months ago to a house half the size - Mary helped me purge, donate and organized 30 years worth of memories - my smaller but newly renovated kitchen looks fabulous and is my favorite area - everything is so organized and In Good Order.

- Sarah

Fredericksburg, VA

I love how the house is looking.  So much easier to keep everything in order. I am really so happy with what you accomplished.

- Carol

Powhatan, VA

Mary does a wonderful job. She helped us with multiple spaces and that work has continued to help us stay organized months later. This experience was great!

- Elizabeth

Richmond, VA