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As a professional organizer, Mary Davis shares her talents with her clients and sometimes with other professionals and their audiences, too. Whether her knowledge is shared to the masses via Podcasts or blogs, Mary is glad to contribute to other platforms to help others get organized!

wHoly Mom Podcast

In this chat, Mary Davis discusses her own journey from packrat to helping others get organized, the importance decluttering has on ourselves and our families, and tips on where to start decluttering your home. 

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Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet Podcast

Mary Davis appeared on Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet. Mary Davis talks to Janet about the Do's and Don't's about donations and what you do when you are faced with the question of donating or trashing items that you no longer use.

Simply B Organized Podcast: Donation Etiquette

This episode was filled with so much useful information and resources on what and where to donate. WHAT to donate, What NOT to donate, and WHEN to donate.


Cindy Bennett Real Estate

What is it like organizing a space with Mary? Real Estate agent Cindy Bennett asked Mary to help her organize her home office, and Cindy wrote a blog post about the process. 

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Simply B Organized Guest Blog Post

Mary Davis (who is an SBO partner) takes to the SBO blog to discuss the best tips for holiday decoration organization. Whether you are a minimalist or full-on Clark Griswold, everyone needs to know the best way to store your decor for the majority of the year when you aren't dazzling your neighbors with all your beautiful holiday decorations.

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