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Comprehensive Legacy Planning beyond the legal paperwork.

What is Life:Organized?

Life:Organized offers comprehensive legacy planning that includes gathering and organizing all of the important information, documenting it, and providing it to you in a digital and/or paper planner. Your planner can also serve as a resource when working with professionals to prepare wills, legal directives, and financial accounts, or for your loved ones if you’re temporarily unable to handle day-to-day tasks.

Planning ahead allows you take control of life’s most precious details. Making sure your wishes are known and providing the ultimate act of preparedness and gift to your loved ones empowers you to truly personalize those end-of-life decisions.

Who has your phone password?
Who knows how to access your life insurance policies?
Who’s going to take care of your pet?

My Story

After losing several loved-ones in a three-month span I realized how unprepared we are when it comes to planning for what happens when we're gone. I know how hard it is for the people we leave behind to deal with the “business” side of death and the grief that follows. The arrangements, the day-to-day tasks that are now on our plate, the legalities. Being prepared is so much more than a Will. I want to take the planning we all dread doing and turn it into a legacy fit for your life.


Who benefits from this service? Everyone.


Especially if:

  • You or a loved one are facing a serious health diagnosis, lengthy hospital stay, treatment, or surgery.

  • You travel a lot and may be at risk domestically or abroad.

  • You have aging parents and don’t know how to approach this process.

  • You are single and want to document your end-of-life wishes. 

  • Your college student now has their own legal and financial responsibilities.

  • You are separated or facing divorce and need to get everything organized.

My Process

We’ll start with a complimentary phone consultation. Once you're signed up, you’ll be provided with an intake questionnaire to help me customize your planner to your life. Then, we’ll schedule your appointment. Whether you have all of your documents organized, or don’t know where anything is, we’ll work together to get all of your information documented and important papers organized.

When we’re done, you’ll receive a digital or hard copy of your Life:Organized workbook, and annual reminders should any information need to be updated.


​Since everyone’s lives are unique and each planner is customized for you, I charge an hourly rate for this service. There is a two hour minimum investment. Additional digital and/or paper copies of your planner may be purchased.


If you prefer to document these items yourself, a digital copy of my Life:Organized planner may be purchased. The Life:Organized service or workbook can also be given as a gift.

Please know that the confidentiality and security of your personal and private information is a top priority. Your information will be stored on its own external drive in a password protected workbook. None of your personal information, outside of what’s required for my business records, will be retained by In Good Order. Your information will be  confidential and will not be discussed with anyone. In Good Order does not retain a copy of your workbook and will no longer have access to it once your workbook is complete. 

Ready to get started?

Schedule a phone consultation to learn more.

In addition to all of the “business” items our loved ones have to be responsible for when we’re gone, they also have to deal with our “stuff”. To ease the burden of deciding what to do with your physical property, learn more about our decluttering services.

Decluttering Services
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