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I Really Can't Do It All

(Simplifying - Part I)

When I started my business, I put my heart and soul into it. I wanted to do everything I could to ensure its success. I left my regular corporate paycheck and was starting with little more than a wing and a prayer. I HAD to make it work. And I had to do it myself, at least until I was making some money. I scoured the internet and social media for any information that would help. I spoke with a lot of generous people who were willing to share their knowledge and time. Smart, successful people were giving me all of the information I needed to succeed, I just had to put it in place. There was so much valuable inspiration and information.

I needed to network, brand, market, and sell. I needed to plan, create, and post. I needed to get the apps, read the blogs, and listen to the podcasts. I needed a goal planner, mentor, and coach. I attended the workshops and took the free courses.

I also had to love and nurture my family, my home, and myself. I needed to meditate, exercise, meal plan and prep. I needed to have a routine for myself and my kids. I needed quality time, date night, time for self-care, and personal development.

To do all of this on top of what I was already doing, I would have to be super-productive. I had to prioritize and focus. I’d need to find my peak productivity time, goal plan, and block schedule. To help, I could do a brain dump, make to-do lists, use a timer, and have morning and evening routines that ran like clockwork. I should know my Enneagram number and get some crystals.

Then came COVID. I needed to pivot. But I could do it! If I just could ingest all of the advice and put it to work.

I could do it because I wanted to be my best self. I wanted to be a high-performing woman, manifesting my visions with affirmations and vision boards and journaling. I was going to be practice gratitude, do everything with intention, be motivated and disciplined, and develop good habits.


Here’s what I actually did: I spun my wheels. I started a lot and finished little. I reacted and put out fires. I was consistently overwhelmed and feeling like I wasn’t succeeding at much of anything. I spent more time planning, scheduling, and making to-do lists than I did getting anything done.

I was managing two businesses, a family, a marriage, a home, and myself. I wasn’t making the money to pay for the coaches, the networking groups, the apps, and the help. I was working hard but not effectively. Then I added a new service offering to my business that required learning a lot of new information, and added training and new client appointments to my schedule. When I sat down to add those to my already full to-do list, I realized something had to change.

I needed to simplify. Another buzz word that felt more like a marketing tactic than a solution. It was all starting to feel like a gimmick. But, the truth is, all of those things have value - for the right person at the right time.

Check back next week to hear about what I’m doing...and what I’m not.


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