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Our Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving

Do you ever wonder what your sister/friend/coworker did with that last-minute gift you went out and got just because you felt like you needed to get them something? Anything? There’s a good chance it’s sitting in a closet collecting dust and taking up space. And it’s not because they don’t appreciate it! It’s just not something they needed or could use. Now they have to find a place for it or work through the guilt of giving it away. Enter, Our Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving!

In the frenzy of everyday life, or especially during the holidays, make shopping easier on yourself by having a plan, and thinking outside of the (gift) box. It will also be more fun because you’ll know the recipient will enjoy it!

By all means, give something if you KNOW the recipient specifically wants or will use it. But, think it through - your friend loves something, but might she already have 15 of them? Sometimes a gift will seem like a perfect fit, which means you’re probably not the only one who’s thought of it. Be sure you know what the person will like. People can have very specific tastes when it comes to clothing, jewelry, decor, and fragrances. If you’re not 100% clear on their specific tastes, try to avoid it.

Gift Ideas, categorized by interest:

For foodies, wine/cocktail, and coffee lovers

- Try a gift card to a local spot you know is a favorite or they’ve been wanting to try, or a special cocktail or food item from a local shop

For your cultured friends

- Theater or concert tickets, museum memberships, or a gift certificate for a class in their interests

For the philanthropists

- Donate to a cause that is important to them

Gift Ideas, For Anyone:


- Nuts, cookies, fruit baskets - there are endless possibilities

Gift cards

- They may seem impersonal, but not if you buy with their specific likes and interests in mind


- Again, this may seem impersonal but you know they’ll end up with something they want. Or maybe they’re tight on cash and could use some help


- That’s right. If you’re close with someone and gift giving has become more about the expectation of the exchange than the joy of it, talk about other ways to bring joy to each other. Commit to doing something together or give the money you would spend on a gift to someone who needs it.

The Best Gift of All - For Everyone!

Last but not least

- Give the gift or organization! We offer so many amazing packages and gift certificates! In-Person Organizing, Decluttering, Virtual Services, and more. Find more information here.



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