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Home Sweet Home

(Part 4 of 4) The movers are gone, and you’re surrounded by boxes. Overwhelmed?

Now what?

To get settled in as quickly and as possible, start with the areas that will allow you to get back into your daily routines - the kitchen, primary bedroom(s) and bathroom(s), and if you work from home, your office. By getting the spaces unpacked and organized first, you’ll be able to quit the take-out meals and get ready for your day without digging through boxes. Unpack methodically - emptying each box and staging items in their new home before moving on to the next box. If you haven’t already, think about your space and how you’ll live in it. Keep your most used items in the spaces that are easiest to access, and keep things near the area you’ll use them. For instance, keep dishes near the dishwasher, and the cosmetics and skincare you use daily in the top drawer of your vanity. Once you’ve got those primary spaces unpacked, start in other spaces you’ll use regularly.

We know as well as anyone how tempting it is to head over to The Container Store or Target to buy all of the fun things to get your new home organized. Don’t…yet. It’s important to know what you’ve got and where it belongs BEFORE you buy bins and baskets. As you unpack, stage items in the spaces you’ve designated and see if it makes sense for how you live in your new home. Don’t worry if you need to make adjustments. Figuring out what works best for you and your new space is part of the process. It’s okay to adjust until it’s most functional for how you live. Then, before shopping, measure your cabinets, shelves, and drawers to make sure the new bins/baskets/dividers will fit.

It can be hard to get unpacked when you can’t take a hiatus from regular life. Other responsibilities can make it hard to get all of the boxes unpacked. Try to keep unpacking at the top of your priority list until it's done so that you don’t end up shoving boxes in a guest room closet to find them months (or more) later. If it feels impossible to get it all done, consider investing in a professional organizing service to help you get moved in. This can drastically reduce the time it takes to get back to “normal” life. (Organizers can help you through the entire move process - decluttering, packing, and unpacking - and have the tools to help you determine the most functional systems for your new home.) Having a pro there to help you manage, both mentally and physically, can make a huge difference in how you organize your home, and ultimately, how you live in and enjoy it.

Do you have more questions about moving? We’ve got you covered!


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